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Victoria Hyde and A.J. West held the inaugural Book Party in autumn 2021, followed by the Book Party Summer 2022. Together, they share a passion for bringing authors, readers and influencers together for a celebration of the literary scene in a relaxed environment, allowing guests to enjoy a unique event where everyone is welcome.

You can follow AJ and Vic via our linktree.


I'm a book lover and blogger first and foremost, and I always felt like literary festivals weren't really for me. The Book Party is all about bringing authors and influencers together in a fun and relaxed environment where we can enjoy sharing our passion for books and socialise, as well as taking some time for ourselves.


Book bloggers are such a huge part of my life as a writer. As readers, friends,  and followers, they encourage me on, make me smile, offer me advice, inspire my writing, and introduce my work to new readers. That's why The Book Party is so amazing! It's about connecting authors and book bloggers in an exciting new way, allowing everyone to celebrate their love of books in a relaxed space.

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